101mm – 3M Scotchcal Single Pinstripe roll


***Most rolls are made to order. Wait time is typically 1-2 business days. We will notify you of any delays***
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Sick of dealing with cheap, difficult to install products only to see your hard work lifting/peeling/shrinking overnight?

Use the product chosen by professionals. Use the ONLY self adhesive cast vinyl in the market which passes automotive manufacturing standards. Be wary of products that don’t specify the grade of vinyl used, or even brand.

All rolls are now produced in our factory in Melbourne, using USA manufactured 3M vinyl.

Save time and money on labour with 3M 7125 “Automotive Grade” Scotchcal!

  • Aggressive permanent adhesive (sticks hard, even in winter, minimizing the occurrence of tenting or bridging)
  • Resists petrol and chemicals
  • Available in various widths and colours, including pin striping
  • Ideal for all fleet and general signage applications
  • Conformable over surfaces with rivets, corrugations and complex curves, which may be found on cars, caravans, trucks, boats etc.
  • Offers easy cutting and weeding properties as well as minimal reactivity to temperature for permanent, durable, dimensionally stable graphics that can withstand severe weather and handling conditions.
  • Peace of mind with a life expectancy of 10yrs for Black and White, and 8yrs for Colour.

3M 7125 “Automotive Grade” Scotchcal was developed to meet the strict requirements of the automotive industry to survive our harsh weather and has been used by major car manufacturers such as Ford, Holden, Toyota, and Nissan, for decades.

This product is ideal for long term applications on Caravans, Boats and Cars/Trucks.

All of our products come with a clear or paper premask/application tape, which protects the vinyl from scratching during installation and is easily removed once installed. Please make sure the application tape is removed, as it breaks down within a few months of full time sun exposure, and will result in the stripe needing to be replaced.

If you are after a size/colour combination that isn’t advertised, please contact us.


  • Colours are likely to appear different in real life compared to a screen, and will also appear lighter/darker depending on lighting. Please use the pictures and colour chart as a guide only. 
  • Product may come in different packaging to what is pictured, but it is the exact same product. Pictures are mainly to show colour.
  • 3M are currently changing their systems, and as such the colour code on the product you receive may differ from the code in the listing/photo. Rest assured you are getting the same product shown in the photos.

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3M 7125-15 Bright Yellow, 3M 7125-14 Bright Orange, 3M 7125-13 Tomato Red, 3M 7125-23 Deep Red (Dark Red), 3M 7125-58 Burgundy, 3M 7125-243 Steampunk Red Metallic (Metallic Burgundy), 3M 7125-273 Process Magenta (Hot Pink), 3M 7125-196 Apple Green, 3M 7125-46 Kelly Green, 3M 7125-96 Teal, 3M 7125-56 Dark Green, 3M 7125-66 Forest Green, 3M 7125-77 Peacock Blue, 3M 7125-57 Olympic Blue, 3M 7125-227 Bright Blue Metallic (Azure Blue), 3M 7125-17 Vivid Blue, 3M 7125-37 Sapphire Blue, 3M 7125-197 Light Navy (Dark Blue), 3M 7125-38 Royal Purple, 3M 7125-249 Champagne Metallic (Pewter), 3M 7125-131 Satin Gold Metallic, 3M 7125-229 Copper Metallic, 3M 7125-120 Satin Aluminium Metallic (Silver), 3M 7125-31 Medium Grey, 3M 7125-201 Slate Metallic (Charcoal), 3M 7125-22 Matte Black, 3M 7125-12 Black, 3M 7125-10 White


Full roll (45m)